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Having taken the first steps in your growth plan you are innovating and will need to continue to do so to maintain your growth and be ahead of the competition.

Innovation is about change, whether developing new products or services or becoming super efficient at what you do - this is Innovation.

Amoeba Consulting has extensive experience in this area to enable your innovation to be successful.

We can also advise and guide you in exploiting your intellectual property and, if necessary, link you with  the appropriate IP Attorneys to safeguard your hard earned commercial advantage.

Complete the enquiry form for a free and impartial review of your IP, in all its guises, to maximise your commercial advantage.

Brian, I wish to thank you personally for the mentoring you gave in the consultation period with the business, you showed us the way on a number of points which will help to drive us on to succeed.  I can say that you opened our eyes to the possibilities that are out there and now it is up to us to push the boundaries, which in turn will hopefully gain us extra clients and bring back those clients that have for some reason or another forgotten about us.

BM - Director, Electrical Contracting Company, Coventry