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SMEs Limit their own growth

Building on my previous blog, concerning creating a vision, it is also my experience that owner managers limit their growth by not creating a management team, even it is only one person. The fact that there is a person with responsibility to continue or maintain business as usual whilst the owner of the business focuses on sales lays the foundation for growth. Obviously, if the owner's strength is to be the production unit then some means of generating sales needs to be sought.

It should be understood that giving responsibility means teling the person or team what they can do and the limits of their responsibility - job description and a set of objectives and their key performance indicators.

Once the "management team" is in place then the vision needs to be communicated and discussed with them to ensure everyone is going in the same direction  

We have been working with Brian Tipler since February 2014 as a business coach, helping and guiding us forward on a growth programme.

Brian has been a good influence on us and, with his logical thinking, discusses our plans and encourages us to make informed decisions based on facts and figures instead of feelings.

Lionel Patterson, Managing Director

PDS Hamiltons